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Remote Online Notarization, or RON, entails notarizing documents electronically without the need for the signer and notary to be physically present in the same location. RON offers a convenient and secure way to notarize documents and is increasingly being utilized for a variety of purposes, including real estate transactions, estate planning, and business deals.

To notarize a document using RON, the signer must first create an account with a RON provider. The signer will then upload the document to be notarized and select a notary from the provider’s network of qualified notaries.

The signer and notary will then connect online, and the notary will witness the signer’s signature on the document. RON technology is more cost effective than traditional notarization methods, offering several significant benefits.

Here are some advantages to keep in mind:

The Experience of Convenience

RON offers unmatched convenience, as it allows signers to notarize documents from anywhere in the world at any time of day. There is no need to schedule an appointment or take time out of your busy day to travel to a notary’s office. RON is particularly beneficial for those who live in remote areas or who have difficulty traveling.

The Ease of Error Detection

RON technology includes a series of verification measures to ensure that documents are notarized correctly. This includes facial recognition software that compares the signer’s face to their ID, GPS location services to confirm the signer’s location and an audit trail that records all steps of the notarization process.

Fraud Protection and Security

The security and verification features of RON technology help prevent fraud and ensure that documents are notarized correctly. RON documents are tamper-proof and can be authenticated using blockchain technology. This makes it impossible for anyone to alter a document after it has been notarized.


The RON protocol is designed to be sustainable and scalable. Aside from not using paper or ink, such a notarization method uses a decentralized network of notaries to verify documents, which reduces the reliance on a single entity. The protocol is also designed to be energy efficient, which reduces its environmental impact.

Processing Time

The RON protocol can notarize documents in a matter of seconds thanks to the way that it's designed and programmed, which is much faster than traditional notarization methods. This is because the verification process is automated and requires minimal to no involvement of a human notary.

Tech Integration

The RON protocol is comprised of technologies and systems which can be integrated with a variety of platforms and software. This allows for a wide range of possible applications. For example, the protocol can be used to notarize documents on the web, in a mobile app, or even in a blockchain application.


RON is an increasingly popular option for notarizing documents. It is particularly well-suited for documents that need to be notarized quickly or for those that need to be notarized by someone who is not located near a notary. Want a reliable electronic notary in Virginia? Leumas Mobile & Electronic Notary Services LLC provides remote, general, and real estate notarizations. Contact us today!

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